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Empowering Breakrooms with Innovation and Quality

Welcome to our virtual vending haven! Prepare to embark on a journey of convenience and delight as you explore our curated collection of delectable treats and refreshing beverages. Our vending machine website is designed with one mission in mind: to bring the joy of effortless snacking right to your fingertips. Bray Vending is a company that offers customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of every setting. We provide over 100 different snack and drinks with the top of the line equipment to guaranteed. We offer a quality and seasonal breakfast and dinner.


Revolutionize Your Workplace Breakroom
Experience with Bray Vending

Welcome to Bray Vending, where convenience meets quality. Discover innovative vending solutions designed to enhance your workplace experience.

Mobile Payment Convenience

Effortlessly pay for your favorite snacks and drinks using your phone, making transactions in the breakroom a breeze.

Precision Inventory Monitoring

Stay ahead with real-time tracking, ensuring your breakroom is always stocked with the freshest snacks and drinks your team loves.

Cutting-Edge Vending Solutions

Stay ahead with real-time tracking, ensuring your breakroom is always stocked with the freshest snacks and drinks your team loves.

Portable Technology Integration

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Healthy Eating

Nourishing Choices for Every Taste

Healthy Eating

Business Well Being In The Break Room

Where Louisville companies go for micromarket and healthy vending machine initiatives.

Employees that are healthier are happier and more effective. Improve your writing by providing healthier snacks, meals, and beverages in the break room. Make sure employees in Louisville don’t have to go far from your location to obtain the nourishing options they need to work and refuel. You may develop a business wellness program without sacrificing variety or flavor thanks to our extensive selection of healthy options. We are able to supply everything.

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Your Healthy Snack Solution: Bray Vending

Choose Bray Vending for your healthy snacking needs. With a diverse range of options, commitment to quality, convenient ordering, and exceptional service, we’re your trusted partner in promoting wellness.

Diverse Healthy Options

Explore our extensive range of nutritious snacks and beverages, ensuring there's something for every taste and dietary preference.

Commitment to Quality

Trust in our dedication to sourcing only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients for our snacks and beverages, ensuring superior taste and nutrition.

Convenient Ordering and Delivery

Simplify your snack procurement process with our user-friendly ordering platform and prompt delivery services, ensuring your healthy snacks are always on hand.

Customer-Centric Service

Experience personalized support and assistance every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction and making your snacking experience exceptional.

vending machines

Experience Designed To Delight

Dependable vending machines for Louisville businesses

Remotely Monitored

All our vending machines are secured and monitored through our online software. We are able to track and report all sales, which helps us to maintain our commitment to fully stocked inventory in each machine. 

Popular/Trending Snacks

We carry most of your favorite name brand snacks and drinks in our warehouse. If we do not carry something that you request, we will do our best to get it ordered for you! Upon consultation, we will provide a list of our current inventory as you customize your vending needs!

Service You Can Depend On

We pride ourselves in our commitment to serving exceptional customer service and partnership with our customers. We work diligently to keep all machines well maintained and fully stocked. Providing customer care with a high level of professionalism is what we stand on! Bray Vending guarantees quality and care in all of our products. .

Methods of Payment

When purchasing a snack or beverage from one of our vending machines, we’ve you covered! Consider utilizing our quick and secured payment options including our mobile Apple Pay and credit card read. Each machine comes equipped with the latest secured payment technology, perfect for when cash is not an option! 

vending machines

Experience Designed To Delight

Dependable vending machines for Louisville businesses

Remotely Monitored

Our warehouse is online-connected to our smart vending machines, which report on sales and what needs to be restocked.

NNational Brand Names

We have all of your favorite national and snack brands available in vending machine food and drink selections.

Service You Can Depend On

Until you receive an acceptable resolution or your service issue is rectified, our committed crew won’t stop working.

Pay By Phone

When buying a snack or drink from one of our vending machines, consider utilizing your smartphone to make quick and safe payments.


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Explore our innovative solutions tailored to elevate your workplace experience. From vending machines to micro-markets, we’ve got you covered.

Options Portfolio

Options Portfolio

We provide a range of services including micro-markets, vending, specialty coffee, pantry services, and culinary, spanning various lines of business.

Frictionless food

Frictionless food

A delightful experience for taste buds. Savour the seamless journey as flavors effortlessly glide, bringing pure pleasure with every bite.

Market Leader

Market Leader

With over 90 years of industry leadership, we are the sole nationwide service provider, operating 225+ distribution locations in 48 states.

98% Retention Rate

98% Retention Rate

Our partnership is built on dedication, resulting in an impressive 98% retention rate. We prioritize long-term commitment and strive to maintain a strong relationship.

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